segunda-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2011

EURUSD Daily Market Thought and Key levels next sessions 02012010

EURUSD close last session above ema200 daily chart 1.3348.

Let time that produce that signal 13/12/2010 and 3/12/2010 both produce pullback below 1.3150 .
Monday session first support sitting 1.3348.
Bulls need to close another session above ema200 to attract buyers, if not this is one more false breakout and pullback will appears soon.
First Key resistance area EURUSD begin 1.3348 and end 1.3482. Close daily above 1.3482 expect continuation pullback target 1.3620 possible extension to 1.3780.
EURUSD 1 hour chart key support levels 1.3348, [1.3290,1.3310] below 1.3254 and 1.3215.
Good luck folks. Next update after Monday close.
Remember folks intraday thought can follow now see top of the web page with spreadsheet realtime.
Good Luck and trade well.
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